I started as a musician at he age of 15 and still playing live and doing records with Berlin band "Poems for Laila"
In 2015 I started to build my own guitars as a musician and a luthier.

Knowing what guitar players need I want to make instruments with an unique personality, with charisma, with style, coolness and the" wow factor" guitarists need and want on stage.

An instrument that is worth to be loved cause it is made with love.

That´s why I don´t build more that 4 - 5 guitars in a month.
Beside I try to use as much natural appliances as possible. Oil and natural colors are used to tint and seal, carved work is done by hand.

All pickups I use are hand wound and from small brands like Q-Pickups (Croatia), Puretone (Switzerland) handsome more.

Wood is one of the oldest natural building materials. So it needs deep respect and prudence.
Every guitar I build is a single item. Made to be played and to be loved by its owner.

My shop is based in Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg.
If you have any questions or you´d like to buy or just try one of the instruments just contact me.
Nikolai Tomás

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